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.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif allowed. 2 MB maximum.
.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif allowed. 2 MB maximum.
.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif allowed. 2 MB maximum.
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Create QR code from a link

Creating a QR code from a URL is super easy, especially with the handy QR code generator from ShopQRcode.com.
Follow these steps and you'll have your own QR code in no time:

1.Enter your link (Create free QR code):

Click on the URL of the website or online page you want to link to the QR code. For example, your website or Instagram profile.

2. If you want a dynamic link: (QR code Subscription)

Create an account and choose a subscription, so you can change the URL at a later time, without having to recreate the QR code. Includes URL Shortener, Short URL & Shorten Links.

3. Customize your QR code:

Make your QR code unique! Choose colors, add a border or logo, or change the style. ShopQRcode.com offers many options to personalize your QR code.

4. Download your QR code:

Ready to design? Download your QR code as a PNG, JPG, WEBP or SVG file. Now you can print it, share it online or put it on your products.

You now have a QR code that takes people directly to your online content. Quick, easy and super convenient!


  • Use a short, simple URL for best scanning results.
  • Always test your QR code before using it.
  • In Options, choose to increase the error correction to M or Q for a more scannable QR code.

Create your own QR code today with ShopQRcode.com!